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5 Game Consoles That Flopped In The Past

With Nintendo recently releasing the Nintendo Switch – its first game consoles in a few years – we took a look back at some other games consoles that have not faired so well. RELATED: Super Mario Run: 5 Reasons We’re Still Playing Not all of the game consoles can be the PS4 or the Xbox One. […]

Destiny 2 Beta: Everything You Need To Know

The much anticipated Destiny 2 beta begins in a couple of days and Guardians around the world are waiting very patiently to get into the sequel to one of our most beloved games of all time. What does the Destiny 2 beta have in store for us you may ask, and how does one even […]

Play All Of The Classic SEGA Games For Free On iPhone

The popular Japanese video game developer has announced that it will be making all the classic SEGA games available for free on iPhone and Android. RELATED: History Of The Video Game Controller If you grew up loving the classic SEGA games, then you’re going to love SEGA Forever. This new and growing collection of classic SEGA […]

The Analogue NT Mini And The Rise Of Retro Gaming

Barely a year goes by without some major developments being seen in the world of gaming. Take last year for example, with Pokemon Go’s revolutionary use of augmented reality helping it rack up a mind-blowing 75 million downloads within days of its launch. You can even look at more recent developments too, with Nintendo taking […]

Will Tomb Raider Benefit From Rhianna Pratchett’s Departure?

After serving as lead writer on Crystal Dynamics’ critically acclaimed 2013 Tomb Raider reboot and its 2015 successor, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Rhianna Pratchett surprisingly announced her departure from the franchise at the turn of the year. With rumors abound that an additional sequel – purportedly titled Shadow of the Tomb Raider – is already in the […]

The Nintendo Switch Is One Of The Best Portable Consoles

The Nintendo Switch is a true game changer and one of the best portable consoles the gaming market has had in years. RELATED: Basic Nintendo Switch Tips And Tricks With the Nintendo Switch being on the market for a while, we decided to take a look at 5 reasons why it is truly one the best […]

VS Gaming Festival: You Could Win R1.5 Million!

The South African eSports scene is growing at a rapid rate, which means that the prize pools have also been getting bigger. The VS Gaming Festival will be offering gamers the chance to win R1.5 million, so if this sounds good to you, check out everything you need to know. RELATED: The Worst Moments In Gaming […]

Gaming Prizes Have Become Life-Changingly Big

Gaming prizes have increased in monetary value as the industry has grown. What started out as a favourite past time, grew into a competitive sport, with gaming prizes becoming bigger and bigger as the entire industry continues to boom. RELATED: 5 Classic Mobile Games That Paved The Way With the VS Gaming Festival looming with an […]

All The Exciting July 2017 Games To Look Forward To

July 2017 games mark the start of the madness that is to come as we enter the busiest quarter of the year. The July 2017 games that might suit your fancy include Final Fantasy XII, and of course the awesome Destiny 2 beta also kicks off in mid-July. RELATED: The Worst Moments In Gaming History Here are […]

Superhero Games We Would Love To Play

With the Batman: Arkham series finished, and the Spider-Man game, which is being developed by Insomniac Games, still in development, we have got no real superhero games to play at the moment. Well, at least we have our imaginations to go with. Here are some superhero games we would be stoked to play, and why […]
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